Prevent training for front-line teams (Barnet Family Services Staff only)

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Clinical staff / Early Years and Early Help / Social Workers
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Social Care / Early Help & 0-19 Hubs
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Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP)

This Prevent course is specifically aimed at supporting frontline social care staff in understanding the Prevent duty as it relates to safeguarding, what makes children vulnerable, and how to identify risks and report concerns. It will include both core government-approved training and the opportunity for a Q&A and wider discussion. The session lasts 90 minutes.

Training objectives

Prevent (WRAP) training will provide:

  • Increased understanding of the objectives of the Prevent strategy and the contribution social work staff make to the Prevent agenda; 

  • Clearer recognition of what social work staff’s professional responsibilities are in relation to the safeguarding of adults, children and young people at risk;

  • Knowledge and awareness of the vulnerability factors that can make individuals susceptible to radicalisation or a risk to others; 

  • Information on who to contact and seek advice from if they have concerns about an individual who may be being groomed into terrorist activity and how to make a Prevent/Channel referral. 

Learning outcomes

Attendees will have:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of indicators of risk relating to individuals being radicalised including via online activity; 

  • Understanding of what impact factors such as bullying, be-friending and influencing may have on individuals and how it might change their thoughts and behaviours; 

  • The ability to raise concerns and take action when they have concerns; 

  • Knowledge who to refer concerns to (Prevent lead) and where to access advice; 

  • Have an understanding of the importance of sharing information (including the consequences of failing to do so).

Additional Information
Start Date
Wednesday 19 May 2021
End Date
Wednesday 19 May 2021
Closing Date
Monday 17 May 2021
10:00 - 12:00
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