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LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Diversity Session- Social Workers only

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Social Workers
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Virtual learning
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Social Care
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Course description

There has been an increase in the number of teens who are transitioning or want to transition and this appears to be leading to difficulties in the family dynamics.

This is an exciting learning opportunity to upskill social workers who will supporting parents and siblings to process and understand what is going on for the young person. Participants will be provided with information and understanding of gender variance in children and young people.

You will be given a certificate for attendance certified by the CPD association,  links to further information and materials, free resources and follow on support. 

Training objectives
Learning outcomes

  • Understanding gender identity and gender diversity

  • LGBT+ terminology

  • Challenges faced by LGBT young people

  • Transition pathways, including healthcare

  • Changing names and pronouns

  • Legal responsibilities: The Equality Act 2010

  • Improving LGBT+ equality and diversity

Additional Information
Start Date
Friday 7 May 2021
End Date
Friday 7 May 2021
Closing Date
Thursday 6 May 2021
09:30 - 12:00
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